Do your employees need basic solar energy training?


Solar 101 – Residential and Small Commercial Applications is a basic introduction to solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems, and the industry around them.  The focus is on residential and small commercial systems.  This 6-hour course is specifically designed for those in admin, customer service, sales, marketing, team management, and project development, so they can do their jobs more effectively.


Class topics

  1. PV growth trends and statistics
  2. The different solar industries
  3. Answers to FAQs
  4. Ownership options
  5. The economics of PV systems
  6. Understanding Electrical Terms
  7. The basics of solar PV
  8. Net metering
  9. What PV panels are what they actually do
  10. System configurations and topologies
  11. PV panel mounting options
  12. Performance monitoring systems
  13. Common workmanship and manufacturer’s warranties
  14. Site and design considerations
  15. Hazards and safety
  16. Permitting and interconnection agreements
  17. Installation and commissioning
  18. Maintenance requirements and the most common causes of failure


About the instructor

Jeff Gilbert is a 27-year veteran of the solar industry who has been leading solar education and training courses for much of these 27 years.  Jeff holds a BS in mechanical engineering, and received his NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification in 2007.  Jeff has personally created all training materials for this course and will deliver 100% of the training.


Money back guaranty:  If you take this course, and for any reason are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money.  No hard feelings.