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Live and Online Training

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Inspections & Analytics

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Personal Solar Advisor Program

Live and Online Training

Customized solar energy-related training to meet your  needs


Azimuth Solar provides live and online solar training for

    • residential and commercial real estate agents,
    • property buyers and sellers,
    • solar energy professionals
    • solar energy investors and asset managers,
    • state and local governments.


Live Training

       Customized seminars and courses for real estate professionals, electrical inspecctors, home inspectors, facilities managers, engineers and more.  Contact us to arrange for a seminar or course at your organization.


Online Training

Buying and Selling Properties with Solar

               For real estate professionals to gain the knowledge and tools they need to advise their clients regarding solar energy systems.


Buying a Property with Existing Solar

(coming soon)

               For those who are considering the purchase of a property with an existing solar energy system and need to educate themselves on how to assess its value as a good investment or a costly liability


Selling a Property with Existing Solar

(coming soon)

               For those who are selling a property with an existing solar energy system and want to understand how to handle the possible obligations and liabilities, as well as to get the best selling price for the system.


Inspections & Analytics

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 Whether you are selling or buying a solar asset, our independent 3rd-party inspection service helps you get the best value for your transaction.



Each solar energy system inspection includes the five services listed below.  
1.  Solar Energy System Inspections

A physical inspection of the quality, condition and NEC code compliance and a complete report, including photographs of each critical component and any issues found.

2.  Performance History Analysis

Through the online monitoring platform for a PV system we will analyze a system’s performance.  We provide a full “health” report with explanations for underperformance, as well as recommendations for correction.

3.  PV System Performance Estimates

Based on an existing system configuration we generate a computer energy performance model which estimates what the system energy output should be.  This information can be compared to actual system performance.

4.  Reviewing an Existing Contract

We help clients understand the real value and the pitfalls of a PV system contract, including warranties, maintenance agreements, and obligations to future buyers and sellers.

5.  PV System Value Estimates

We help home buyers, sellers and real estate agents determine the most appropriate asking price for a home with an existing solar PV system using the PV VALUE estimating tool.

Personal Solar Advisor Program

Phone Support (3)
Your own on-call expert when you need assistance
Use your PSA for help with:
  • answering your client’s tough questions
  • performing a virtual solar energy system inspection
  • analyzing s system performance history
  • estimating the expected performance of a system
  • reviewing a solar contract
  • getting advice regarding solar water heating, solar pool heating, solar air heating, passive solar design, weird custom inventions, and even small wind turbines
Common fears regarding solar include:
  • facing tough client questions
  • looking incompetent
  • losing the sale
  • having no idea what you’re looking at or how to advise your client
The Personal Solar Advisor solution gives you:
  • a subject matter expert at your fingertips
  • an edge over your competition

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